Which Scene Should I Open With?

So we've shot you the scenes you need to show off your range and castability, great!

But a question i am asked often by actors - which scene should I open with?

As we know, most casting directors will not have the luxurious time to watch all 2-3 minutes of your showreel so what you show in the first 30 second is critical! For this reason, we don't use montages or fancy title sequences, but get straight to the point - here you are as an actor.

In order to answer this question, I will always initally ask my clients one question. What type of character are you auditioned for the most, and which scene shows this charater most clearly? It seems simple, but as actors we an often overcomplicate something very simple and lose sight of what our strengths are. Of course, we want to show versatility, but more often than not it is this key casting that will get you seen by casting directors, so it is important that the opening 30 seconds shows this!

Other options - in the same way you may have multipl headshots to submit, why not have multiple versions of your reel? Each starting with a different scene. This way, you can submit the reel whose first scene is most releveant to the part you are being considered for.

Alternatively - mark up underneath your reel time codes with clear descriptions of which each scene scene shows. (EG: 0:05-1.00: Drama, 1:00-1:45: Comedy etc.)

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