Hi there! Welcome to Pro-Actor Showreels!


We are a London based videography company specialising in bespoke actor showreels. As trained actors, we know fully the importance of having a reel that not only reflects you accurately, but shows you off to your absolute best - it is our aim to catch the casting directors eye within the first few second & to get you in the room!

Our clients often thank us for helping get them seen for more castings & a number have gone to have success in TV & Film!


We also shoot short films, gigs, events, business promo, content, headshots, portraits & more, so don't hesitate to get in touch about how we can help your project!

We pride ourselves in promoting diversity & inclusion with the industry.



Matt Parsons


Hi! I'm Matt & Pro-Actor Showreels is my company. I started filming scenes for friends about 5 years ago now, and it is now a full time gig - Iove the creativity and passion that actors bring to the shoots, and treat everything I film like it's a mini short film.

I trained as an actor and performed in Theatre (The Sound of Music & Wicked) as well as having plenty of on set experience (Harry Price Ghost Hunter, Pride, Prejudice & Zombies, Mr Selfridge)

As a director & filmmaker a number of my short films have been selected and won at international film festivals.

Filming is my passion & I can't wait to see what we can create together!

Monty Jones

Head Script Writer

Monty is our head script writer here at Pro-Actor Showreels & has been writing with us since the beginning - he is incredibly apt in writing for all kinds of genres and is the king of fitting juicy plot into a 1.30 scene.

Trained at East 15 as an actor, Monty has worked in theatre, TV & Commercials including (Murdered by My Boyfriend, Victorian & Gay, FX Gate: The News Show & Bla Bla Car.)

As a writer, he has written and staged two of his own shows - Moulfdy Grapes & Schrödinger's Dog.



We shoot all our showreel scenes on the incredible Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 4.6k G2 Cinema Camera & BMPCC 4K.

We also have a variety of beautiful lenses capable of helping us capture whatever kind of scene you need.

We highly value fantastic sound so all scenes (not express reels) are shot with professional sound industry recordists who specialise in their field with top rate industry level equipment.



these t&c's are our most up to date, and apply to all work taken on by PAS.



your deposit is to secure the discussed date discussed and written on your invoice for filming. All deposits are non-refundable. A change of this date can be requested with enough notice given (to PAS discretion), but an extra deposit may be requested to secure another date. By paying the deposit, you are acknowledging your understanding of these terms and conditions.


the client will have until the day of the shoot to pay the remainder of the invoice. pro-actor showreels holds the right to refuse filming to those who have not paid by the agreed upon shoot date.

scene lengths

the scenes we film must run 1.30 in length which we measure at 1-1.5 pages of correctly screenplay formatted dialogue. It is within our right to refuse to film a scene that is longer than the accepted length, or charge more to film longer scenes and cover our editing time.

issues on the film day

you acknowledge that part of filming means sometimes external factors can come into play and we may not be able to shoot the scene as intended  (for example - weather, unforeseen noise etc). In this situation, we will do our best to work around it, but in worst case scenario will reschedule the scene to another convenient date for both parties. If a date cannot be agreed to, the clients will be expected to pay for the scenes shot on that day. any additional travel necessary for the client for a re-shoot will not be covered by pro-actor showreels, and clients will not be expected to pay any extra to cover the time of the videographer and sound recorder.


once you have received our edits of the scenes you  may send back a one set of notes before the final product is settled upon. It is ultimately our discretion which takes are used in the final product to keep the product at the highest standard. After this, any additional editing will be billed at £25/hour.


Adding your previous material to the reel will cost an additional £30.

the client is given a maximum of two weeks to return any notes they have on the first edit - if no notes are received within this timeframe, pro-actor showreels may assume that the client is happy with the product as is and any further work from this point will be charged at the hourly rate. due to storage limitations, we at pro-actor showreels are not required to hold on to footage and rushes after we have come to a final edit of scene and reel that both parties are happy with..

termination of contract​

pro-actor showreels reserves the right to terminate the contract of any client who breaches our code of ethics. we have a zero tolerance policy and abusive language or behaviour of any form will result in contract termination. contract termination will also occur if the terms and conditions agreement is violated.

use of footage

pro-actor showreels ultimately owns all footage shot on the day, and it is within our right to use footage in any way for social media/branding/business promotion. By filming with pro-actor showreels you acknowledge this and consent to your image potentially being used in these ways. you will not use the footage for any purpose other than showreel footage, and any monetisation must be agreed with pro-actor showreels.

after the edit

once final edits have been agreed upon and the client has received final edits, pro-actor showreels holds no obligation to retain any footage from the shoot. All footage will be deleted 1 month after the edits are agreed upon.

Should shoot dates need to be rearranged, pro-actor showreels holds no responsibility in covering change of transportation/accomodation to or from the shoot.

pro-actor showreels takes no responsibility for the client not reading and acknowledging these t&c's. we hope you understand all our terms and conditions are to protect both ourselves and the clients and to be as transparent as possible in what services we are providing.

Matt @ Pro-Actor Showreels