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showreel edits

Already have your footage and just need someone to cut together your reel?

We create sharp, slick cuts of your pre-existing material.
We can also edit and perfect lighting & sound where possible!

fully edited, perfected & emailed to you in easy to upload formats.

We Can Also Source Your Clips from Streaming Services!
£50 for first clip. £10 for each additional clip.
(small clips can be combined, email for accurate pricing)

the editor
Laya Lewis (Showreel Edit)
Alyssa Kyria Reel (Showreel Edit)
Janis Ahern (Showreel Edit)
Katie Faye Showreel 2024 (LQ)
Kate England Reel
Alain Ny (Showreel Edit)

how does it work?

First we will discuss exactly what it is you would like, and whether you have access to clips or need them downloading.

If you need us to download clips for you from streaming services, we 
charge £25.00 per clip/episode to retrieve.. We will check download of your clips is possible before charging. If you have all the clips, then we ask you to wetransfer them over to us.

We will send an invoice to cover the £85.00 edit, once that's paid we get to work!

We ask you to send us your acting clips and as much detail as possible of which order and sections you would like in the reel. We will also ask for the information you would like to appear on the opening/closing slide. ​Don't worry if you are really not sure, we are also happy to use our instincts on the edit!

We will send you your reel edit within 7 - 10 days!

After receiving your reel edit, you have 
1 set of feedback notes included in the package & any further. notes will be charged at our £25.00 per hour editing rate.


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